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Open intelligent program

(1) Parameter setting of the technical requirements of each process according to different products to generate corresponding product numbers.
(2) Monitor and record various technical parameters of the product and can track and query historical records.
(3) Strict level management of the operation authority of the production line.
(4) It can realize remote and on-site debugging and modification of programs and parameters at the same time.
(5) Excel production reports can be generated, easy to output and query, and long-term storage of records.
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Safety protection system

Maximize the safety performance of the equipment, and more effectively prevent unsafe factors caused by operator errors.
(1) Set up doors at the entrance of the operation area, and only those who have been trained and qualified and authorized by the well have just carded in.
(2) Set up a light-gauge device in the range of the driving operation area to link with the central control system.
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Exhaust Gas Purification Equipments

The exhaust gas purification system is a personalized design based on different types of exhaust gas, and is carefully designed and manufactured in strict accordance with the relevant national environmental protection and safety regulations and in accordance with the actual needs of customers.
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Automatic flipping dosing device

The bathing and adding of the medicine can be completed outside the production line to reduce the intensity of the handling operation and avoid personal injury caused by the splash of the medicine.
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Gantry Type Auto Plating Line

Adopting PLC programming control,our equipment can be set different process program and parameters according to various clients"requirement,monitored and recorded digitally.This type is applied to those mass production like metal industry,plastic industry, electron industry,etc.
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ABS Elevator Auto Plating Line

Adopting PLC programming control, our equipment can beset different process program and parameters according to various clients'requirement, monitored and recorded digitally. Widely used in those mass production like car,motorcycle,electron industry, etc. With High production capacity,compact structure,economicand practicalfeatures.
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Overhead Type Auto Plating Line

Adopting PLC programming control,can be set different process program and parameters according to various clients" requirement,monitored and recorded digitally.This structure is suitable for barrel plating and rack plating of metal and plastic.
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Side Arm Type Auto Plating Line

Adopting Auto and manual mode , auto mode can be set different process program and parameters , monitored and recorded digitally. This type is applied to those mass production of small light parts with barrel plating and rack plating.
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Electroplating drum

The drums produced by our company are processed by special technology. The hole diameter of the plate can be as small as 2mm, and the mesh hole diameter can be less than 1mm. The operation is dexterous and can be opened freely, which can meet the different requirements of customers to the greatest extent. It is suitable for the production and electroplating of precision electronic products, and there are high temperature resistant materials (60C-90C) and normal temperature materials to choose from.

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